The new bottleneck is Technical Integration.

analysis-squareThe data-driven world is tackling increased technical demands reaching beyond the strengths of the traditional Project Management structure.  The focus on Building Commissioning Agents in the ASHRAE and LEED Standards hints at this trend, while the decentralized team structure in Naval Architecture shows it in practice.

There are new synergies to be captured when highly technical teams and services are brought together.  Silicon Valley thrives off of this principle – and that’s who we’ve copied.

Smart TVs.  Smart phones.  Internet of Things.  IOT.  What these buzzwords define is a new paradigm in complementary service integration that provide an amazing new level of sophistication without require complicated designs.

The integration of MEP, Automation & IOT (Internet-Of-Things) at the Design and sensor levels yields high-performing built environments which align with our stewardship principles.  We can confidently design for guaranteed system performance using real-time data-logging and advanced Controls engineering.

SmartMEP Controls.

The new design paradigm for the Smart Building.

The goal is simple:

  • Decrease the coordination effort between MEP Design and Controls Configuration.
  • Bring the systems online quicker during Commissioning.

Our MEP engineers started deepening their engagement with Controls vendors and commissioners, and the results were impressive.  So it hooked up with the Offshore sector, skilled in the art of Instrumentation and Systems.  Our breakthrough team is a marriage that fits well in the Design+Build model, and in fact, adds value to many other Controls/BIM projects.

KIS Solutions starts the MEP process with Controls as part of the design, down to the component level.  We build and verify I/O lists.  We build parallel workflow with Controls contractors and OEMs.  When done properly, the component configurations themselves can be completed before installation, with detailed Commissioning procedures. Controls does not have to be the downfall of your Construction Schedule. For small controls projects, especially Central Plants and Pumping systems, our Automation team can design and commission alongside your electrical and mechanical teams to ensure that your system is configured professionally and running optimally.

Check out the Ventures page, to see what our SmartMEP Controls team is doing in a number of diverse arenas.

Pre-Bid Consulting

Pre-Design on a bid project is often difficult to nail down accurately on the first pass. The numbers you’ve bid with are padded with a multiplier that might not stand up to the next bid. Don’t lose out on valuable projects due to guesswork.

We can consult with your team to help uncover potential design issues and develop a tighter construction budget on all of your bid projects. If you win the bid and use us for the project, part of your Pre-Bid consultation fee will be credited towards the actual MEP work.

Beyond LEED

As a Building Owner, you understand that OPEX costs win over a long enough time period.  Your ultimate choices depend on Financing during the CAPEX phase.  As important as LEED has been in incentivizing lower operational costs, we have consistently seen a trend where LEED’s standards are being outpaced by high initial capital expenditures and tighter lending practices.

Our Principals are LEED certified, however, our team can produce designs above-and-beyond any requirement dictated by LEED without the cost of compliance.  In conjunction, our SmartMEP toolbox provides value-added which can create deeper trimming of the fat, both financially and technically.

Performance-based Consulting.

Every owner, investor and project looks different and sometimes betting on ROI is a hard gamble.  What would it look like if you could tie some of the costs of advanced and efficient designs to the guaranteed performance of your building?

We have begun developing a new model that addresses our part of CAPEX costs, and the disappointment that LEED certification can sometimes bring. This alternative structure guarantees savings and incentivizes proper investment by tying part of our fee to the performance of the building.

As we get more contractors and OEM partners on board with our model, “doing it right” becomes a more attractive offer.  Coupling these deferred fees with government-enabled financing such as PACE here in Texas and Green Earth in Georgia provides a tight package to ensure your building provides the OPEX savings you require with a CAPEX-friendly budget.

Integrated Design Teams

Independent of project scope and size, KIS promotes Design+Build and integrated design teams over the traditional Design-Bid strategy. No one person has all the experience and knowledge; therefore, an experienced, fully-integrated team can provide a superior design with less effort and tighter turnaround times.

We offer an alternative Fee structure that guarantees you two senior level client directors for all of your projects – a consistent interface to handle your distinct business with decision-making power to do what is best for the relationship.

Energy Usage Analysis & Data Logging

worker-squareKIS will work within your budget to optimize an energy strategy through utilization of real-time data-logging accessible via mobile devices. The associated cost of data-logging is typically recovered within one year of operation after implementation of the new energy strategy. The primary use of 12-month duration data-logging is to trim down central plants to align with actual demand.

We will set up the Data-logging system at strategic points throughout your power distribution network. Combined with other available resources and a long enough time period (preferably 1yr+) we can build an accurate picture of your building system and generate a thorough report with recommendations on the most cost-effective means to conserve your bottom line.

If we are chosen to implement the solutions, we will apply a credit towards the incurred Datalogging cost.

Owner Representation & Design Team Management

What is technical ability if it cannot be communicated into action?

What is a plan without implementation?

Our communication system and customer-driven process provide a value-added service to any developer or building owner.

Allow us to manage timelines and equipment schedules with our trusted teams and projects will be delivered on time and budget.

Join us as a Building-Partner.